Deska Liquid Force Space Craft 2020

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Space Craft

Inspired by futuristic planing hull surfboards and chopped tip snowboards the Space Craft is a surgical water instrument. Slightly smaller than its larger big brother the Moon Patrol, the Space Craft gives a new dimension to your kiteboarding experience. Sharing the same bottom configuration as the Moon Patrol for water flow and achieving the same benefits but in a more angular, smaller package for faster redirects and precise transitions.

144 X 42.1 Recommended Rider Weight >50 kg or > 110 lbs


The Space Craft comes with 6 fins that can be configured in a 4 x 4 cm fin setup for a more traditional twin tip feel or with 2 x 4 cm at the nose and 2 x 5 cm at the tail to achieve more drive, projection, and hold through turns. Or, play around with any fin setup that your creative mind desires!


CoreComputer profiled 100% wood core
Weight6.7 lbs or 3.03 kg. There is an acceptable vairance of +/- 5%
InsertsM6 inline inserts for ultimate strength and multiple stance options
OutlineDirectionally optimized twin tip outline that provides asymmetrical riding performance while still preserving bi-directional travel
RockerSlight off set stance and asymmetrical rocker for directional feel
Bottom ShapeSingle concave to channeled hull design for precise control and upwind projection
Liquid RailLiquid Force’s exclusive Liquid Rail, the most durable sidewall construction available